Sustainable Underground, Inc works diligently to provide our client with the solutions for access to underground utilities and water resources. We have worked closely with Developers, Contractors and Homeowners to best fit the needs of their project. From new construction development to home improvements.

We Design and Develop our clients underground utilities systems, such as: 

- Water Mains

- Fire Hydrants

- Hot Water Tapping

- Water Line Leaks Repair

- Water Meter Installation

- Storm Water Drains

- Southern California Edison Voltage Power Line

- Underground Dry Utilities

- Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems

We work side by side with our clients from start to finish. 

We work closely with with CalTrans, Water Works Districts and Southern Edison from the following areas:

- Beverly Hills 

- Santa Monica 

- City of Los Angeles 

- Los Angeles County

- Las Virgenes County 

- Calabasas 

- Ventura County 

We looking forward to expanding our professionalism in all Southern and Northern California.